15 September 2014

Bad dates make funny stories

I went on a date a few days ago. With a boy, of all things.

Often I'm quite nervous before a date because, as would agree anyone who has ever met me, I make a terrible first impression. I'm awkward, I'm a bit mean, I mumble, I'm generally quite difficult to get along with. And as I've just come out of an X-chromosome-exclusive dating period, flirting with boys isn't exactly my forte.

This time, though, I felt pretty confident because, in comparison, I was the well-socialized party.

A few choice gems from this fellow:

"Yeah, I just got fired from my job yesterday. But I was asking for it. They just didn't understand my creative process."

"No, don't take out your wallet, I've got it. I mean, you work in a supermarket."

"Tu ne parles pas du tout fran├žais?"

"I know how to fix our political system. Bombs. No, I'm not joking."

"Hang on, you want to be a political advisor? Hahahahahahaha!"

I did let him pay. No use wasting money in addition to time.