09 August 2014

The naked incident

I've been living roommate-free for three years. Thus, I have developed certain habits that aren't exactly roommate-friendly. One such habit is dressing with the bathroom door open.

So I'm standing in my underwear in the bathroom with the door only partly closed, and I've got the news playing from atop the wash machine. My brother hears part of a story involving a chicken and a penis and decides to come have a listen.

He stops before the partially-opened door. We see each other's reflections in the mirror, and I quickly pull my shirt up to my chest. His eyes widen in shock. He quickly flips away as I burst out laughing.

He stands in the hallway outside, pinching the bridge of his nose, traumatized. He sighs in relief upon realizing, after reflecting, that what he saw was indeed only a bra rather than his sister's bare breasts.

I spend the next five minutes in a fit of laughter as my brother avoids all eye contact, scarred for life. We'll be making some adjustments to our living arrangement.