19 January 2014

How to order absinthe from reluctant bartenders

I have a friend that's kind of an expert on all things related to drinking. Sometimes he imparts his hard-earned wisdom to this lightweight geek.

Even among bar staff in France and the States, there exists a common misconception that the sale and consumption of absinthe is illegal. There is, however, a bar downtown that serves absinthe diluted into a cocktail.

Getting the bartender to serve the absinthe in its pure form is a simple four-step process.
  1. Order one aforementioned red absinthe cocktail.
  2. State that you would like the cocktail without sugar.
    Important: Wait for an affirmative answer.
  3. Charmingly ask the bartender to also hold the water.
    "They'll hesitate," according to this seasoned drinker, "but now they've committed to the possibility of withholding ingredients."
  4. Finally, request that the drink be served in a shot glass.
Et voilĂ , you now have one ill-advised and coyly-manipulated beverage.