01 October 2013

My cooking is hit or miss

Last night I had a rough bout of insomnia. Insomnia is not the problem exactly, but rather a symptom of the midnight disease. So is this blog post.


2 X chromosomes
1 MC1R protein, mutated
1 tbsp social anxiety
3 cups introversion, divided
1 conservative family, roughly chopped
1 leftist tendency
2 cups wanderlust
dash of sarcasm
1/2 tsp listening skills (optional)
sensitivity (to taste)

1) Start with X chromosomes and add mutated MC1R protein. Blend until reddish color is achieved.

2) Quickly add social anxiety and 1 cup introversion. Mix in chopped conservative family.

3) Allow mixture to sit approximately 14 years. Then add leftist tendency and purée until smooth.

4) Pour in remaining 2 cups introversion and wanderlust.

5) Simmer for 4 years, then remove from heat and allow to cool off in the south of France.

6) Stir in sarcasm. Add listening skills, if desired.

7) Season with sensitivity and serve with reluctance.