15 June 2012

Hold it in your mouth

When I lived in California, my little brother smoked only covertly. Now that he's legal, he likes to whip out a cigarette whenever he sees a designated smoking area.

He lights a cigarette, holding it in his fingers somewhat ineptly, and raises it to his puckered lips. Sucks the orange filter confidently, unabashedly. Takes the smoke into his mouth languidly. Holds it there for a moment with no visible reaction. And then blows gently.

And that is it.

I've never smoked a cigarette, or anything at all, but I'm pretty sure at some point the smoke is supposed to enter your lungs. Maybe creep down your throat a bit. That's how it works, right? It settles in your lungs and works its magic, relieves tension, that whole bit?

This child is telling me I'll never be able to properly smoke weed as he incorrectly smokes a cigarette. And he's completely unaware of it. Bitch scoffs at my clean lungs while his own are unpolluted.

If ever he asserts superiority over me in any domain, he's wrong, misinformed, simply confused;