07 June 2012

The creeper that crept too far

I knew I was living with two fairly fat spiders, a jumper and a creeper. But I thought, they don't want me, I am not prey. Vegan is one with nature. We can coexist here and they'll hunt bugs for me.

So I'm settling down to sleep this eve-morning after a bad bout of insomnia. And I feel a light tickle cross my arm. And I think: mosquito. My own hair perhaps. I turn on the backlight of my iPod to have a look.

And there is the fat creeper spider skittering ACROSS MY ARM.

I shriek and leap away from the predator towards the wall. I fumble for the light, find it, and locate the spider that sits motionless where I'd been lying. I stare intensely at her. She stares intensely back.

We size each other up, trying to determine who is alpha. The bed has always been my territory, the ceiling hers. She had crossed a line.

I realize then that we can no longer coexist, me and this spider. I escort her out to the backyard in a glass after a brief struggle. She didn't want to go, creeper-crawled away from me, but our understanding had been breached and it was time to say goodbye.

I will always remember the times we shared. The playful tickles. The surprised shrieks. The intense stares. We need not forget.